Hot/Cold Lavender Eye Pillow


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This is something every pregnant woman should have during birth because it helps them go within themselves to connect with their body and with their baby, easily shutting out the distractions of being in a hospital or a birthing center.

  • Each Luxurious Spa Lavender Eye Pillow Yoga Eye Pillow Lavender filled Eye Pillows provide calming aromatherapy for relaxation and stress relief. Featuring beautiful silky soft fabric filled with organic flax seed and natural french lavender flowers. Also, a great Sleeping Eye Mask blocks out light completely with no uncomfortable straps.
  • The Perfect Lavender Yoga Eye Pillow for Yoga class to enjoy inner deep relaxation and light acupressure that the organic flax seed provides to refresh and rejuvenate tired achy eyes.
  • USE COLD – Chill it in the freezer to reduce swelling, for headache and migraine relief, soothe tired puffy eyes, relieve stress and anxiety.
  • USE WARM – Heat in the Microwave for 30 seconds to relieve sinus pain, Sprinkle a tiny bit of water on your Eye Pillow, microwave 30 seconds for moist therapy for dry eyes.


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